Irish Probation Journal 2022 Volume 19


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Title: IPJ Front Cover & Guidelines for Contributors

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Author: Bruno Min

Title: Balancing the Need for Due Process, Fair Trials and Systemic Efficacy: The Benefits and Challenges of Technological Improvements and Greater Efficiencies for the Criminal Justice System

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Author: Pat Best, Nicola Carr, Gail McGreevy and Val Owens

Title:  Forty Years of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland

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Author: Louise Kennefick, Deirdre Healy and Niamh Wade

Title:  ‘Helping, Hurting, Holding and Hands Off’: Preliminary Findings from an Oral History of Probation Client Experiences of Supervision in Ireland

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Author: Danijela Mrhar Prelić

Title: Probation in Slovenia: ‘In the Right Direction’

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Author: Brian Payne, Graeme Young and Jonathan Hobson

Title: Restorative Practices in Schools in Northern Ireland: Towards an ‘All School’ Model

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Author: Peter Beck and Emma McGinnis

Title: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Probation Supervision and Desistance: A Systematic Narrative Review

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Author: Emma Richmond, Twylla Cunningham and Campbell Killick

Title: An Exploration of the Profile and Characteristics of Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland

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Author: Ashling Golden

Title:  Car Crime: A Young Man’s Game

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Author: Alison Coyne

Title: Custodial Transitions: Are We Meeting the Needs of Young Adults in the Criminal Justice System?

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Author: Kirsten McFarland

Title: Addressing Unadjudicated Domestic Abuse: An Evaluation of the Promoting Positive Relationships Programme

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Author: Laura Cotter and Kim McDonnell

Title: A Practitioner’s Response to ‘Probation and Mental Health: Do We Really Need Equivalence?’

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Author: Karen Sinnamon

Title: Practitioner Reflection on the Challenges and Opportunities for Collaborative Working in the Probation Board for Northern Ireland

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Book Reviews

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