Irish Probation Journal 2020 Volume 17


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Author: Ian O’Donnell

Title:  Reducing Reoffending: Choices and Challenges
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Author:  Ioan Durnescu, Margaret Griffin and John Scott

Title:   Developing an Irish Offender Supervision Framework: A Whole System Approach
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Author:  Dr Geraldine O’Hare and Peter Luney

Title:  Tackling Substance Misuse from a Problem-Solving Justice Approach   
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Author: Clare Cresswell

Title:  ‘Why Would You Choose to Study Sex Offenders?’:Assisted Desistance and Reintegration of Perpetrators of Sexual Harm   
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Author: Kieran McCartan and Hazel Kemshall

Title:  The Potential Role of Recovery Capital in Stopping Sexual Offending: Lessons from Circles of Support and Accountability to Enrich Practice   
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Author: Christina Power

Title:  Engaging with Mental Health Challenges in Probation Practice   
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Author: Joe Garrihy

Title:  ‘There are Fourteen Grey Areas’: ‘Jailing’, Professionalism and Legitimacy in Prison Officers’ Occupational Cultures   
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Author: Anna Flynn and Marita Costigan

Title: The Management of People Serving Life Sentences in Ireland: A Multidisciplinary Model   
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Author: Jean O’Neill and Gail McGreevy

Title: Reflections on a Pandemic: How COVID-19 Impacted upon Probation Practice in Northern Ireland   
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Author: Sheena Norton

Title: COVID-19 Pandemic: Practitioner Reflections on Probation Practice   
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Author: Marguerite Woods

Title: ‘Helping Others and Helping Myself’: Wounded Healers as Peer Workers   
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Author: Áine Travers and Tracey McDonagh

Title: Promising Directions for Intimate Partner Violence Prevention: The Case of Northern Ireland   
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Author: Mark Nicholoson and Stevie Mann

Title: Partnership Working Towards More Effective Resettlement 
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Author: Denis C. Bracken

Title: Interactions with the Traveller Community by Prison and Probation Staff   
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Title: IPJ 2020 Book Reviews

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