The Probation Service works with offenders who are, or have experienced homelessness and connects them to organisations specialising in responses to their particular difficulties. The Probation Service recognise the broad range of issues that people who are homeless may experience.  The multi-layered nature of the problems experienced by homeless people: addiction, psychological and physical abuse and isolation - among other difficulties, emphasises the need for  the Service to have strong links with community and support groups specialising in this area. 

Our focus areas include:

  • Providing assistance to offenders under probation supervision to identify needs and access services, including accommodation.
  • Working with partner agencies we try to facilitate accommodation and resettlement needs of offenders into mainstream service delivery.
  • In Dublin, the Homeless Offenders Team (HOT) manage the cases of those on Probation who are homeless. The Service also has dedicated prison-based staff who work in partnership with the HSE Homeless Person Unit and the Irish Prisons Service (IPS).

The HOT team has a community-based focus, involving the assessment and supervision of all under probation supervision and classified as homeless by the Probation Service within the Greater Dublin area. The team liaises with all mainstream services as part of the development of integrated or ‘joined-up’ service provision.

Outside the Dublin area, offenders who are homeless are managed and supported by local Probation Officers.