Our Partners: An Introduction






The Probation Service cannot, and does not work alone.

We have  a wide range of partners ─ without whom we could not do what we do.

Partners of the Probation Service include the Irish Prisons Service, An Garda Síochána, the Department of Social Protection, the HSE and Tusla: The Child and Family Agency.  We also work with  a variety of community and support services in Ireland and with bodies in other jurisdictions.      

Transnational co-operation is a recurring theme in our work. All  the agencies in the Criminal Justice System, and beyond, have a role to play in reducing crime.

Probation Service users often face highly complex and often chronic difficulties, including social disadvantage; addiction, mental health issues and homelessness. 

The most effective way to achieve our goals is to work with other stakeholders in the process of managing offenders and rehabilitation ­─  working toward our common end-goal of enhanced public safety and social inclusion.

Sharing experiences, expertise and  resources, we work together to develop local responses to crime ─ and the issues that contribute to crime.






As an agency of the Department of Justice, we liaise closely with the Central Department and our partners in the Parole Board and the Irish Prison Service (link to 'In Prisons' page) to:

- Carry out assessments and home circumstances reports for the Parole Board which advises the minister on the administration of long-term sentences;

- Liaise with An Garda Síochána

- Provide supervision in the community for life sentence prisoners and those serving sentences over seven years and granted temporary release by the Minister for Justice (subject to Probation Service supervision);

- Produce reports for the Minister for Justice as required in applications under the Repatriation of Prisoners Acts, 1995 and 1997;

- Provide expertise, information and advice in response to requests on relevant issues and enquiries from the Department, as required.


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