Seminar: ‘New Challenges and New Solutions across the Criminal Justice System, North and South


The ninth annual Cross-Border Public Protection Advisory Group (PPAG) Seminar is being held in the Probation Service Headquarters in Smithfield Dublin today, Friday 23rd November 2018. 

The Seminar themed “New Challenges and New Solutions across the Criminal Justice System, North and Southprovides an opportunity for all the agencies working in the field of public protection to enhance collaboration and share learning between criminal justice partners.

Speaking at the Seminar, Vivian Geiran, Director of the Irish Probation Service, said: “This annual gathering  provides a valuable opportunity for all of us in the criminal justice agencies, policy makers, managers and practitioners- to come together to enhance our co-operation and further develop  our capacity to share information and learn from each other in areas of mutual interest.”

There are significant issues ahead for all of us in ensuring that the post-Brexit landscape does not adversely affect our relationships and the way we do business. I am confident that we will continue to rise to these challenges, and ensure that the progress achieved so far can continue to be built on’.

Commenting on this year’s Seminar, Cheryl Lamont, Chief Executive of Probation Board for Northern Ireland,  said:                          

“Today’s seminar considers challenges and solutions across the Criminal Justice System. We are well versed on many of the challenges faced which include the need to deliver more with fewer resources.  Probation, police and prison staff now deal with much more complex crimes such as sexual exploitation and cybercrime. Increasing vulnerability in our society also has an impact on delivering services.  Importantly today, we hear about some of the solutions being developed to deal with these challenges. Increased collaboration and the adoption of a problem-solving approach to justice are important ways of dealing with these issues. It is essential that we tackle the root causes of offending and engage with a broad range of agencies and partners to deliver effective outcomes.

In the coming year we will continue to face challenges and uncertainty including the out-workings of Brexit, however I want to reiterate that cross border co-operation and collaboration is absolutely essential and PBNI remains committed to this work to ensure safer communities for all.”

Irish Probation Journal

The fifteenth edition of the Irish Probation Journal was also launched during the Seminar. The Journal has been jointly published each year since 2004, by the Irish Probation Service and the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) and plays an important role in stimulating innovative thinking, providing a forum for debate and dialogue and promoting the sharing of good practice.


Note for Editors        The Public Protection Advisory Group [PPAG], which is jointly chaired by the Chief Executive of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland and the Director of the Irish Probation Service, has organised today’s Seminar. This PPAG was established in 2006 to specifically address how increased cross-border co-operation could be taken forward and to specifically implement the probation elements of the agreed work programme emanating from the Inter-Governmental Agreement