While the Probation Service works mainly in the community, we also work in all fourteen prisons and places of detention.

On arrival in prison you will be advised of the availability of the Probation Service. Whilst a Judge or Governor can request that a Probation Officer be assigned to work with you, you can also request to meet with a Probation Officer.

Probation Officers working in Prisons will make contact with those offenders who are likely to be under Probation Supervision in the Community on release.

In prison your Probation Officer will work with you to address your offending behaviour, using the time as an opportunity to make changes and exploring ways of avoiding offending in the future. We work as part of a team and this can mean working closely with prison staff, psychologists, addiction specialists and community based organisations who can help you re-integrate on release into the Community. We can also provide assistance to you and your family in preparing for your re-settlement in the community.

Whilst in prison you can undertake training, participate in addiction awareness programmes and engage in constructive activity which will help with your rehabilitation.

The Probation Service also work closely with the Irish Prison Service on a joint Probation and Prison Service initiative Community Return, whereby carefully selected prisoners are granted reviewable temporary release conditional on them performing unpaid supervised community work.

Probation Officers also provide assessments and reports to the Department of Justice, Irish Prison Service, Parole Board and other appropriate bodies as required.   In particular the Probation Service supervises offenders who are subject to a life sentence on release from custody.


For further information on our work in prisons:

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