In Prisons and Places of Detention

Probation Officers  also work in all of the prisons and places of detention.   Our work in custody includes advising and assisting prisoners with issues which have led to their offending behaviour and principally in coping with the impact of imprisonment.  Our work involves:

  • Motivating offenders to use the period of imprisonment to address his/her offending behaviour;
  • Contributing to the throughcare process where the offender will be subject to supervision by the Probation Service post release.
  • Helping prisoners, their families and social supports in preparing for positive re-settlement in the community;
  • Providing assessments and reports to the Department of Justice and Equality, Irish Prison Service, Parole Board and other appropriate bodies as required.  Further details on our work with prisoners
  • Contributing to multi-disciplinary working in prisons, for effective sentence management and delivery of services; and
  • Co-ordinating and assisting community based bodies in the provision of services to prisoners, their families and communities, aimed at reducing offending and assisting prisoners’ resettlement within the community;

Further details on Probation Service work in prisons and places of detention can be found here

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Probation Service, Head Office, Haymarket, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 WT27. Tel: (353) (0)1-8173600

The Probation Service is an Agency of the Department of Justice and Equality