For and with Other Government Authorities

We also work in partnership with a range of other bodies, to reduce offending, develop local responses to crime and issues affecting it, and to improve public safety and social inclusion. This involves work in the following areas:


Representation on Local, Regional and National Drug Task Force committees and contribution to the development and support of initiatives to address addiction and its impact on crime and anti-social behaviour.

Representation and participation in the work of the Cross Department Team on Homelessness, the Homeless Agency and local Homeless Fora, as well as a range of multi-agency initiatives working to address homelessness and offending.
Domestic Violence

Participation in Regional and National Domestic Violence committees to address domestic violence and the harm it does it does in families and communities, in addition to work with individual offenders and support to perpetrator services to reduce offending and its consequences.
RAPID. County Development Boards and Community Partnerships

The Probation Service is represented on many RAPID, County Development and Community Partnership boards.
Garda Síochána Diversion Projects

Participation in the management of many Garda Síochána Diversion Projects in the delivery of effective services to the communities in which the Service works closely with the Garda and other services.

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The Probation Service is an Agency of the Department of Justice and Equality