European treatment and transition management of high risk offenders project 2012 -2014 - Justice Co-operation network (February 2013)

The objective of the JCN Justice Cooperation Network project (JUST/2011-2012/JPEN/AG/2943) is to develop a European network and database of best practice ýin the ýýtransition management of high risk prisoners leaving custody. ý This includes the development of minimum standards ‎and a best practice model for the managing and supervising of high ‎risk offenders to ensure continuity and consistency.‎

The project aims to integrate existing informal links, expertise and best practice through shared learning, improved best practice among partners and to develop a strong supporting European network of knowledge and expertise.

Germany Estonia, ‎ Finland and Ireland are the partners in the project represented by Justizministerium Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany), The Prison of Tallinn, (Estonia), the Ministry of Justice, (Finland) and the Department of Justice and Equality (The Probation Service and Irish Prison Service). The project evaluation parner is the University of Greifswald (Germany) while financial management and administration is provided by Pixel, based in Florence (Italy).

The project began in November 2012 and will be concluded in October 2014. The work of the project will be completed in a series of workshops convened in the partner jurisdictions, published reports and a project conference in autumn 2014. The workshops will seek to develop shared understanding and definitions of high risk and dangerousness, compare existing systems of transition management, identify and develop best practice models and standards , disseminate the learning from the project and establish an as wide as possible network of knowledge and expertise on transition and supervision management of high risk offenders.

There will be an expert workshop in Ireland in June 2013 to compare and report on the existing transition management practices in the partner countries. The Report of that workshop will be published in late summer 2013.

For further information on the European treatment and transition management of high risk offenders project 2012 -2014 please visit the project website at

Gerry McNally (e mail or phone 01-8173600)is the contact person for the Irish JCN project team.

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