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The Probation Service protects the public and create safer communities by helping offenders to desist from committing more crime. We have a strong record of reducing re-offending, managing offenders safely in the community, reintegrating prisoners after release and of providing an effective, efficient and value for money service. We have many success stories of offenders whom we have helped reintegrate into society, as well as statistics that show what we do works.

The work of the Probation Service

Introduction to the Probation Service

Criminal Justice Working in Partnership

Probation - An Effective Community Sanction

Reducing Offending Recidivism

Our Senior Management Team

Ailish Glennon

Director of Business Support and Development

Ailish leads on the areas of Learning and professional Development, Business planning, Statistics and Research. Her responsibilities also include Internal and external communications , Data Protection and Information management.

Ita Burke

Director of Corporate Affairs ,Acting Director

Ita is responsible for the human resource function, health and safety, estate and facilities, financial management of the Service, and governance of the service network of Community based organisations. She is currently acting Director of the Service.

Una Doyle

Director of Operations

Una has responsibility for service delivery nationally which includes assessments for Court, implementation of court orders for probation supervision and community service to prison based services and services to victims. She has oversight of interagency arrangements including JARC and SORAM.

Operational Structure

The Probation Service Organisational Structure